09 March 2007

Starting to share the news

Just back from service. Time enough for a mini-blog.

I texted C that I would be in a bit early for service tonight, for us to have a chat. So I told her about the Husband's international job offer, and let her know that I probably won't be able to work for too much longer. Needless to say, we both got a wee bit misty-eyed and had a hug. But she was genuinely pleased for the Husband's good fortune. And she also said she was glad that at least I won't be leaving her to go to another restaurant. People, I am surely going to miss that kind-hearted lady!!

To top it off, she's let me put my top 2 requests for dishes on the menu for tomorrow. One will be a chicken liver bruschetta, finished with Marsala wine and porcini mushrooms. The other will be an antipasto of grilled vegetables with buffalo mozzarella and fresh pesto. Cross your fingers that they'll sell well.

The only other thing on my mind is a bit of advice to all cooks out there. Also a hard-earned reminder to self. Never, Ever, Ever (!) touch your eyes after you've been working with hot chillies during service. Even if you've washed your hands multiple times. 'Coz that hot chilli oil gets everywhere, and it doesn't take much to induce a painful burning sensation. (Gentleman, I understand from anecdotes told to me during chef school, that this advice applies doubly to boys visiting the urinals after service ...)

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