06 July 2006


Cool news. Chefette passed her Final Practical exam. As per usual, it was as stressful and nerve-wracking an examination as could be conjured up by the mind of man. But thankfully I had 5 days to prepare, and with all that practice time under my belt everything was pretty under control on the big day. Everything, that is, except the clearing of my lemon jelly, of which I can only say that, of the three Great Virtues of lemon jelly -- clarity, sparkle, and magnification -- it had nary a one.

But never mind that. There's even more cool news-- Chefette won the 'Wine Student of the Year' prize at school. Wah-hay! She and the Husband will get a corporate hospitality trip of 1 day and 2 nights to the corporate headquarters in the Burgundy region of France. Which, oddly enough, is the very first place that Chefette ever tasted wine, at the tender age of 15 years old when she visited the home of her friend Veronique's grandparents in Pernand-Vergelesses. (Cue warm, fuzzy feeling of having come full circle on some sort of Great Introduction to Wine Path.)

Now, it's a few weeks off for summer holidays before buckling down to The Big Job Search, which starts anon. In the meantime, I'll keep on posting my cooking and eating exploits (assuming, that is, you people want to keep on reading it?).

Toodle pip, there's a mojito calling to me.