25 March 2007

One of those days

Some days, you’re better off not going into the kitchen. Chefette had one of those days on Friday.
  • I burned my biscotti.
  • I dropped an entire container of freshly made porcini mushroom soup on the floor of the kitchen during service.
  • I sent out a chicken liver salad without one of the key ingredients specified on the menu (black grapes).
  • I mixed up the orders for Table 4 and Table 9.
  • I cut my left index finger while making the staff meal.

Not exactly my best ever day at the restaurant!

Thankfully, I’m off to Paris next weekend, when my parents will be visiting. Very glad to see that my father, on the packed tour itinerary he sent me, has allotted time to eat ice cream at Berthillon (the famous Paris ice cream parlour, known in the Chefette household as “the Mother Ship”). Now that’s what I call having one’s priorities in order!

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