29 April 2006

My truffles

They're a bit bashed up from bouncing around inside a hard plastic container on the cycle ride home across London's potholes, but nevertheless here's what they look like.


Anonymous said...

Nice looking truffles. They very appealing. I don't have your aversion to chocolate since I didn't have to go through all the messes that you had to endure. Thanks for the photo. A picture is worth a thousand words or something like that. Great work. Oh by the way are you going to replace Marshall Field's Frangos with these truffles?

Smivvy said...

They look fab, Chef-ette. I am left wondering if they contain a tongue or hoof or 2 - easy way to trick Matthew in to a quick taster!

Mem Herself said...

Thanks guys--
It was fun making them, but doubt think I'll be replacing Marshall Fields anytime soon.
Not sure about the chocolate & lamb's tongue idea. But I have heard of kidneys in chocolate in French cooking, so maybe it's worth a go???