13 March 2006

Approaching exams

A very brief post from Chefette today, as there's not a whole lot to report. Much of our time last week was focussed on revising for end-of-term exams, and we had two afternoon revision sessions in lieu of demonstrations. The theory exam will be on Monday 20th March, followed by my practical exam on Tuesday 21st.

We do have one big assignment coming up before the exams, namely dinner party cooking on Thursday of this week. All of us have been assigned into groups of 3 or 4, and we will spend a morning cooking a three course meal for ourselves and 3-4 people from another class. We will then serve the meal while entertaining our guests, before cleaning up and getting a debriefing from our teachers.

It all sounds nice and straightforward, but it's slightly complicated by the fact that the Scotsman had the not-so-brilliant idea of assigning us into groups, rather than letting us decide our own teams. In my particular case, he managed to assign to the group two of the students in the class who don't get on, and who barely even speak to each other. One of them is, to be frank, a bit of a lad who always comes to class late, who never knows the assignments, and who really doesn't take the course very seriously. While all the other groups have had two or three group meetings over the past few weeks, we have yet to have one meeting where all 3 of us were together at the same time. We have managed to put together a menu -- minestrone soup with foccacia bread, followed by pappardelle with wild boar ragu and a chocolate fondant pudding for dessert -- but still have not got ourselves organised enough to get a group timeplan together. I suspect it will be myself and the other responsible guy who will end up doing the lion's share of the work this week ...

And now off to school for our last week of term before exams. Lots of revision ahead!

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