06 January 2006

The canape party

Good news. Chefette's canape party went off without any major hitches, hoorah! Got some nice feedback on the food, especially the mini Yorkshire puddings with horseradish cream and the brownies. Menu below is posted below in case anyone is interested. (To any friends who were there and liked the food, remember to tell your friends that I can be hired for weekends at extremely favourable rates!) Only thing that I fluffed during preparation was the chevre mousse, as I put too much egg white in and couldn't get the correct consistency. Didn't bother to serve that one ...

Other good news is that the husband and I still have 9 (!) bottles of champagne left over from the party for use during the year. It will not be drunk until after the end of January, though. Reason being that the husband and I will be eschewing all booze and getting back into shape for a few weeks as soon as we finish the 40th birthday celebrations tomorrow (lunch at the Ivy).

One thing about turning 40 is that you have to work harder at controlling the waistline. I swear, this month my cooking at home is going to be all about brown rice, fresh vegetables and steamed fish. (Needless to say, all my good intentions are being counteracted during my first week back at school when we have to make beef & guinness pie, creme caramel, and pecan pie!)

Help me be strong.

Canape menu
Spiced mixed nuts
Crostini, spread with:
-Mushroom & black truffle tapenade
-Tomato & mozzarella
-Gorgonzola with marsala
Crudites with 2 dips, hummus & dill mayo
Thai chicken skewers
Herring in sour cream on black rye
King prawns with pesto dip
Mini Yorkshire puddings with roast beef & horseradish cream
Quail's eggs with rosemary scented salt
Mini chocolate brownies
Mini blueberry muffins

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