19 November 2005

Top five

Chefette has just finished Week 8 -- only two more weeks to go before the end of term. Next week is the last week of instruction, with dems on gift cooking, canapes and Christmas cooking. As a class, we also have to do a Buffet party for 30 for lunch on Wednesday. Three hours for 15 of us to bake bread and prepare and present 6 dishes for our counterparts in the other class. The thought of it terrified me three weeks ago when they gave us the assignment, but we managed to get ourselves organised at last, and I'm actually looking forward to it now. I've been assigned with two others to do the Thai Chicken Salad, and I'm going to have a trial run at the recipe this weekend to iron out any kinks, and make sure I know what I'm doing before the big day.

Then in Week 10, it's all hands to the pumps for The Final Theory Test, which shouldn't be too bad, and The Final Practical Test, the thought of which is mildly terrifying. Cooking under the stern gaze of the instructors who will be watching my every move is going to be disconcerting, so everyone will need to Wish Me Luck!

Anyway, to finish off this post, Chefette has been noticing that her obsession with food is leading to a myriad of amusing little changes in her life, and so she offers for you this week a list of the Top Five Signs You're In Chef School.

5. You cycle home from school with a litre of fish stock, two portions of Lemon Sole Doria, and a loaf of banana bread.

4. You spend your lunch hour in search of fine grade sandpaper to smooth out the edges of base coat of royal icing on your Christmas cake.

3. You haven't read a newspaper in a week, but you know the recipes for choux pastry, creme anglaise and pate brisee off by heart.

2. You spend Friday night at home plucking and drawing a pheasant.

1. Your ironing pile has more aprons than shirts.

Catch you next week. Toodle pip!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the Top Five list. Good luck on your theoretical and especially your practicle.

Best wishes.