26 September 2005

First day

First day of term today, felt good to be starting at last (even if we didn't get to cook). Consisted mainly with the staff introducing themselves and explaining the rules. Basically, it all boiled down to 'Don't Be Absent or Late' and 'Prepare For Class'. No surprises there.

Not sure yet what to make of the instructor for my class. He says he's really strict on "working clean". No doubt he'll have to drill some bad habits out of me (a tornado, who's used to sprawling bits and pieces all round a big kitchen). On the plus side he's Irish, so I'm hoping that he's long on people skills and common sense.

Only disappointment for the day was finding out how small the lockers are. Imagine trying to fit several food containers, two knife rolls, shoes, aprons, and uniforms, as well as a handbag, a cycle pannier bag and a helmet into a space the size of a small microwave oven. Am praying the receptionist will take mercy on me tomorrow, and let me hire a second locker for all my cycle gear.

Have found out there are two annual prizes, for the students with top marks in food and wine respectively. Definitely something to aim for.

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